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Sutton Landscaping The Outdoor Professionals

Consistency, Excellence, Professionalism

Our Work

Complete Lawn Care Services

Everything you would need for your lawn, we provide a full range of lawn services. From our professional lawn crew who mow, edge, and trim your lawn throughout the season to new lawn planting/installation, fertilizer plans.

Spring and Fall Clean up

Let us get your lawn and landscape areas prepared for summer or winter with the right clean-up and maintenance.

Bush, Shrub, & Tree Trimming

Overgrown bushes, shrubs and trees take value away from your home; let us add that value back with our trimming and pruning services leaving all your plants, bushes, and trees beautiful and healthy!

Tree and Stump Removal

Sometimes a tree just has to go. Whether it is growing dangerously near or over your home, dying from lightning or disease, fallen from storm damage, or you are looking to just add space and usability to your lawn. Let Sutton Landscaping professionally prune or if needed remove the tree and stump for you.

Leaf Removal

Raking is a hassle, and takes a lot of time. Let us remove those leaves for you. We make your lawn and landscape areas look great!

Snow Removal

From driveways to parking lots, removing snow is a safety and practical need. Sutton Landscaping gets rid of that snow for you.

Professional Landscaping

With years of professional, courteous service, we are the neat, clean professionals you are looking for.

Pressure Washing

Concrete or siding, dirt and grime finds it way to almost every surface. Let us pressure wash your house for provide you the best look.


Who we are

Joel Sutton | Sutton Landscaping Lynchburg, VA

Sutton Landscaping is a full service lawn care and landscaping company who services the greater Lynchburg and Forest areas. We offer all types of lawn care maintenance and needs, landscape design and installation, shrub, bush and tree trimming and pruning, fall and spring clean-up, leaf removal, snow removal, tree work, and pressure washing. Joel Sutton, the Owner and Operations Director of Sutton Landscaping, is a Lynchburg native who lives in Forest with his wife Aly and their 2 children, Ava and Asher.

Our History

Growing up with a dad passionate about the outdoors and gardening as a hobby, Joel watched and learned from a young age the art of creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes. His dads passion for landscaping was passed to Joel and he took the advice of many mentors as a young, entrepreneurial adult to "do what you are passionate about". Sutton Landscaping started with a financial plan of no starting debt and low business overhead, creating the ability to constantly reinvest back into the business and grow very quickly. Using a plan of mainly referral based business and steady organic business growth over the past 6 seasons we now run 2-3 full crews most of the year and take care of over 100 area residential and commercial customers lawns and landscapes annually. We have been extremely blessed in our business and have always given thanks to God for our business success. We are extremely thankful for the amazing customers that we have the honor of serving every day and the great staff that makes up the Sutton Landscaping team and who work hard to complete each and every job in accordance with our core values and mission.

Why Choose Us?

Our Mission

The mission at Sutton Landscaping is to provide high-quality, cost effective and well-planned annual services to assist in creating and maintaining beautiful residential and commercial properties with a commitment to complete customer satisfaction through clear communication, integrity, excellence, consistency, and professionalism.

Core Values:

Consistency, Excellence, Professionalism


"The Outdoor Professionals"



P.O. Box 4616 Lynchburg, VA 24502


(434) 851-0342

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Lawn Mowing

Affordable Lawn Mowing Rates

Sutton Landscaping provides Lynchburg VA Profession Law Mowing Services.

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Tree Trimming and Pruning

Affordable Tree Trimming Prices

Sutton Landscaping provides Lynchburg VA, and the surrounding areas professional Tree Trimming, Cutting and Pruning Services.

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Snow Rremoval

Snow Removal for residential and commercial locations

Sutton Landscaping provides Lynchburg VA, and the surrounding areas professional snow removal for residential and commercial locations

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